About Us

About Us

There really isn't an 'us' at Weld Burn. There is just me. About four years ago I decided I was tired of the sand my state threw all over the freeway during the our snow filled winters. That crap hurts at 75+. I started looking for something I could wear for freeway riding or other bad conditions. In the end I bought a shoulder of leather and started hacking away. It was fun so I kept going and made a few. Then I sold one. Then I sold a few. Then I went online and sold some more. Turns out there are plenty of riders interested in these masks and I keep having fun making them. As a rider myself I found what worked and what didn't. These masks are designed for riders. They might and probably do work for other things but unlike other makers out there who make really great masks that work for riding I ONLY care about the rider.

James, Kennewick, WA

“Hell yeah! This mask is awesome. I’ve already put in a long road trip. I can breathe and it has good air flow. It even fits under my open face helmet for longer trips. The engraving is awesome. It’s my favorite new accessory. Thanks!”

Marcus, Tuscaloosa, AL

“Honestly, when I ordered it I thought it would be more of a novelty or conversation piece for bike nights. It is much more comfortable and functional than I thought. I usually wear a bandanna or something around my face to decrease the sting of bugs and rocks. But with the Grifter I get much more airflow and it’s cooler because I don’t have the fabric around my face and neck.”

Jon, Grand Rapids, MI

“5 star rating only because I can’t rate it 10. Amazing build quality and attention to detail. Zombie Jake works with you to bring your imagination to life. As a mask it channels wind perfectly without catching, even at speeds ~100. 11/10, will buy again.”



Combine old leather techniques with my own unique visions


Something glorious, but I might be a bit bias...


Its magic, doves cry, angelic choirs sing



Weld Burn is just me however that are several unofficial members that provide variously contributions.

Curly Howard



Team Moral Consultant


Project Lead / General Guiding Hand

Zombie Jake Heaton





Kodee, Idaho Falls, ID

“Communication was first class. Was treated like a top notch customer. Product (mask) was better than I hoped it would be. American made with pride. I will be able to enjoy this for many years to come.”

Justin, Waterford, MI

“Great custom order! I described what I was looking for, the best I could (I never drew any pictures), and I received exactly what I envisioned! Zombie Jake would definitely make a great sketch artist for the police department. Anyway, this was my second purchase from this shop, and I’m extremely happy with both masks. I hope to buy from WeldBurn again, as the shop owner makes truly great masks and is sincerely a pleasure to deal with. My final word is THANKS!”

Kelly, Sycamore, IL

“I live in the cold Midwest but I can’t wait to wear this out on my V-Star Bobber the first chance I get. The mask is wickedly bad ass! And the tooling matches my sleeve Tattoo 🌊🌸 Thanks Weldburn”

Handmade Leather Motorcycle Masks

Handmade Leather Motorcycle Masks

Made-to-Order or Ready-to-Ship in-stock Motorcycle Face Masks, Weld Burn only makes products for riders so you can be sure each mask is quality and works well when you are in the saddle.



When you bought your bike you had a lot of options and they just stacked up and up. I've worked hard to cut the pricing process for Weld Burn Motorcycle Face Masks down to three stage.


$100.00 +shipping 

Choose from any of the three main mask designs, Deathstroke, Grifter, or Darkness in a smooth/no tooling option and its a flat $100 bucks plus shipping. Use the Notes Box during check out to include any direction, ask to be contacted, or specify colors.

Light Tooling

$150.00 +shipping

Starting from the same Deathstroke, Grifter, and Darkness options you can add on some light tooling, texturing, or the Weld Burn exclusive ‘Battle Damage’ to your mask with this option. Want some Battle Damage on your mask? Add a note in the Notes Box during check along with anything else you want me to know about!

Heavy Tooling

$200.00 +shipping

Have a custom design? Want me to match your tattoos? The Heavy Tooling option is here to fit your masks to your design dreams. Select this option during checkout and we can work together to come up with a custom design for you. If you need some guidance feel free to look over my portfolio of work. You even find that some of my stock designs like the Maverick or Samurai designs are exactly what you want! (If so just make a note of that in the fancy pants Notes Box during check out and I’ll take it from there!)

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